Interview with Katie

Where did you come up with the idea to row across the Atlantic?

I became familiar with ocean rowing quite randomly by chatting with someone I met on a bus in Australia! During the conversation, this person (who is now a good friend) mentioned that his friend rowed across the Atlantic Ocean twice. I was instantly intrigued. Not long after that conversation I was constantly researching ocean rowing and the more I learned, the more I realized that this is something I would like to pursue.

Why do you want to row across the Atlantic Ocean?

I love challenges, especially endurance challenges where you push your mind over matter. One reason I am particularly interested in ocean rowing is because it becomes a way of life. When you compete in most endurance events, you complete the event and then go back to all the comforts of home. I want a raw, inescapable challenge! Besides my thirst for challenge, there are many other aspects that draw me to ocean rowing. The solitude, the nature, even the monotony to name a few. More importantly, I have realized that there are many people doing truly amazing things to help others, especially the people with Blue Planet Run Foundation. I am very happy to be able to use this row to benefit this cause and it is my hope that others will be inspired to donate to the Blue Planet Run Foundation.

What does your family think?

Most people think I am crazy and my family is not an exception! Their main concern is my safety but after becoming aware of the many safety precautions I will take, I think they are warming up quite nicely to the whole idea. Regardless, I can understand how it would not be easy to be my mother in this situation!

Are you afraid of the dangers you may face at sea?

Fears are a heavy burden that I am too lazy to carry around! Although my fears are not my source of motivation, my greatest fear would be to let my fears make my decisions for me and not row across the Atlantic Ocean. I tend to be more excited than fearful about facing the unknown.

What are you most looking forward to?

Solitude. I feel at peace when I am alone so I am looking forward to spending a couple months at sea.

What are you least looking forward to?

Seasickness. The first ten days will be difficult to adjust to constant movement but hopefully after that I will have developed my sea legs for the rest of the row.

What’s next?

I’m sure I will find some more trouble to get myself into!

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