Day 9

Moving Along

Hello from the Atlantic! Happy days rowing and still making good progress. I should just about reach the 1/8th mark today, that is, if I actually land in Cayenne (could possibly make landfall in Georgetown).

A few exciting moments onboard. Two or three mornings ago (losing track of the days out here!) I woke up to some tapping on the side of the boat to spot a massive sea turtle! He checked out the boat, I threw some fish on deck that landed overnight, and he was on his merry way. I hope I see more!!

Visiting turtle

Now that I am in the trades, I have been rowing in much bigger waves making for one salty ride. Yesterday there was a 20 foot wave that broke on me while rowing ā€“ enough to get the heart pumping! For a moment I thought the boat might capsize but luckily came away only losing some bits of gear. Into the sea went my sunscreen, water bottle, sheepskin seat, and rowing gloves (plenty of extras).

And about the actual rowing bit? Aside from one seriously sore bum, Iā€™m enjoying every moment out here. Life is simple. When your most difficult decision for the day is whether to snack on a Snickers or Butterfinger ā€“ life is good.