Day 61 — Who ate Edd?!

by Katie on March 4, 2010

Dolphins surround Liv

I may or may not have named a few of the dorados that have been following under my boat — Ed, Edd, and Eddie. Today was not a good day for Edd.

As I started to dig around in the hatches for my next meal, I noticed a hungry visitor or two: dolphins. Not as playful as some of the other dolphins I have seen at sea, these were certainly interested in Ed, Edd, and Eddie. So the dolphins circled around my boat and one dolphin emerged minutes later with a dorado in its mouth. I certainly wasn’t going to interject their mission. They were quite possibly the largest dolphins I have seen, longer than my boat and I wouldn’t be surprised if they weighed as much too, especially the way one seemed to inhale a twenty pound fish.

Ten minutes later after they swam off, about seven more dolphins came for dessert. Some swam so close to my boat that I could have easily touched them. Ten minutes more and they were gone and the dorados back doing their belly-flop style splashes. Perhaps it was Ed and Eddie doing a little victory dance (or splash) for out swimming those dolphins.

RIP Edd.


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