Day 52 — So close … yet so far

by Katie on February 23, 2010

Something splashes alongside Liv

The alarm clock this morning — a bird. Chirping away, and when I looked out the hatch I saw twenty or thirty more. For the past week, I wake up to see these birds, watch them while rowing, and then, right after the sun sets, they all fly away. They certainly are not interested in me or my yellow banana rowboat, but the flying fish instead. It has been entertaining to watch them fly back and forth for the fish, catching them and fighting after each other for them. Very lively and I’m growing quite fond of these birds. Whenever they fly away at night, I wonder if they will be back the next day (and also wonder where it is they are going!).

Aside from bird watching, lots of rowing as usual. I’m a day or two from the 3/4th mark and, for the first time on this journey, I have been thinking about the final milestone; reaching land. Mentally, I broke it down by fourths and focused on reaching that next fourth, otherwise the whole ocean would be too big to wrap my head around. But, now, it seems so close yet so far.


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