Day 44 — Surrender to the sea

by Katie on February 15, 2010

It is said that it takes six weeks to develop a new habit and, now, with over six weeks at sea, my daily life is certainly feeling habitual.

During yesterday morning’s rowing shift, my shoe detached from the footplate as the footpiece corroded away from the saltwater and, with only this one particular piece on board, I had a bit of a problem. But, instead of describing exactly what the problem was and the solution (well, we shall see if it lasts), I found it interesting that there was clearly a surrender. When things happen, there is not that immediate emotional reaction. Just a little, “Hmm, let’s see what I can do.”

Broken footplate

This may be a bit shocking, but the physical surrender to row 8–10 hours everyday has not been the most difficult part of the journey. The first week was demanding but I have certainly plateaued quickly after that initial adjusting stage. Rowing another hour or two isn’t daunting in the slightest. At the end of the day, I feel ready for another and, if anything, I am growing anxious to push harder (but would not be sensible with several more weeks to go and could leave me prone to injury). And I certainly don’t feel special, as I believe anyone can physically manage rowing all day. It may seem like a stretch, but I believe as humans we are all very capable of enduring, perhaps something that can easily be forgotten if not required to expend much energy physically.

It really is all mental.


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