How Playing Table Tennis Can Help Rowers

Table tennis and rowing are games that have the same effect when it comes to brain use. If a rower is looking for a game that deals with one’s mental health then table tennis is the best option. These are extreme games that have a difference when it comes to the environment in which they are played. A rower is most of the times in water while a game of table tennis is an indoor game. Why then should a rower play tennis?

After a hectic rowing session, you need a game that will cool your mind and also allow you to have a relaxed mind. Table tennis improves blood circulation such that your body temperatures are increased. This high blood flow comes in handy to reduce the level of anxiety by producing endorphins which are a stress reliever.

A rower also experiences muscle pains as a result of progressive use of the rowing tools. Instead of going for medicines after every session then this is the best activity. This aerobic exercise comes in handy to maintain the heart rate.

There is no way you will play table tennis when you have a poor concentration. You have to be alert on where the ball lands and how you hit it to get a win. This is what is required in rowing. A simple mistake in rowing may have a challenge in the boat sport which can lead to a fatal accident.

A rower will be comfortable in playing tennis since they are activities of similar physical tolerance. The agility levels in both games make a player more tolerant to different environments for both games.

Ping pong is a skilled and brain game; it develops skills like eye coordination which allows them to multi-task. What now matters is the kind of table tennis equipment you use. There are many table tennis paddle available in different types. You don’t need to play the game in an open field, instead, you can play table tennis at home.

When it comes to social interaction; these are the right games. You cannot just keep rowers as your friends. You will have narrow thinking. You need friends of another caliber to give you a wider view of the world. It means that you will have more cycle of friends.

If you feel you lack people to play table tennis with then you can go the digital way and invest in a ping pong robot. You need to get reviews from physical and online friends to get the right equipment. Some of the factors that you need to consider include durability, flexibility, and portability among others. This is a game that can be played by both children and adults in equal measure. If you look at countries that are renowned for table tennis players then you notice that this is a game that the nurtured when they were young. Why not try out this game as a rower and enjoy all the benefits?