mood humidifier for rower athletes

Prior to a competition, Rower athletes can be in a variety of different mood states, and even when they do not realize it, their emotions end up impacting their performance in the competition. The psychological adjustment of rowing athletes is quite crucial for competition achievements and they can perform far more impressively if they are in a better mood state beforehand.

Can Rowing Itself Improve A Rower Athlete’s Mood State?

Indeed, just about any type of exercise can be regarded as a “magic drug” for boosting mood. Therefore, rowing is no different. Even working out on an indoor rowing machine can make a person feel more confident and improve their self-image. Rowing, whether on the water or on a rowing machine, can release endorphins, which are hormones that cause you to feel happy. Also can also reduce stress.

Of course, rowing certainly improves the mood of rower athletes as well, but that does not mean that they always in a good mood state before they actually start rowing. Unfortunately, if they are not in the right mood state prior to a rowing competition, it can hamper their performance. That is why rower athletes should consider spending time in a room with a humidifier prior to a competition.

How Can A Humidifier Help Improve A Rower Athlete’s Mood State?

Humidifiers are basically devices that release steam or vapor into the air to make it more humid, i.e. increase moisture levels. This makes them beneficial for easing respiratory conditions, including symptoms of a cold. They can also help relieve bloody noses, cracked lips, and dry mouth, nasal passages sinuses, and skin. (Straying away from the second-person voice for a moment, I can personally vouch for humidifiers because the one I was using cleared my sinuses with steam).

Thus, humidifiers on their own offer plenty of health benefits, but rower athletes who need a boost in their mood state, humidifiers can also be used for aromatherapy. Using a humidifier with essential oils can not only improve a person’s mood but even sharpen their mind. Aromatherapy, which involves the use of aromatic, plant-derived essential oils, is known for promoting health, inner peace and well-being.

Once a humidifier vaporizes a combination of the right essential oils and releases them as either a fine mist or puffs of steam, rower athletes will instantly experience a change in their mood state the moment they smell the aroma. A combination of the right essential oils can prove to ideal natural mood improvers and tend to stimulate the brain.

Essential oils that are particularly known for making people feel calm empowered energized, refreshed and stimulated include Bergamot, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang. Rower athletes may add these essential oils to the water chamber of a humidifier, whether in combination or on their own, or they may even try combinations of other different essential oils.

How Should Rower Athletes Choose A Humidifier To Improve Their Mood State?

When choosing between these products, the most important factors that rower athletes should consider is how affordable they are, how easy to operate and maintain they will be, how large of an area they can humidify, how noisy or quiet they are, and how portable they are. Modern day humidifiers are equipped with an automatic system and a humidistat, so they get flushed periodically, which cleans the water chamber and fills it with fresh water.

Thus, it is obvious that a rower athlete’s mood state prior to a competition plays quite a significant role in how well they might perform. Therefore, spending a little time in a room that has a humidifier with a combination of the right essential oils in it, can dramatically change a rower athletes mood state, making them feel much better than they might be.