The Waiting Game

Have been in Dakar for nearly a week and it has been a real whirlwind!Aside from meeting with my shipping agent, most of my time has been spent meeting with the Rotary club members, fellow travelers, and touring the city.

The meeting with my shipping agent was productive. He sent his driver to bring me to the Port of Dakar and I arrived after dodging potholes, street vendors, and cows on roads where driving between the lines is optional and hooks are used instead of turn signals.

During the meeting, we were able to sort out how the boat will be loaded into the water, where the boat will be moored, and customs formalities. Due to some storms on the Atlantic, the estimated arrival for my boat is now December 30th. If it misses this date, I will need to wait until January 4th to have the boat loaded in the water (as Jan 1-3 are off days for New Years/weekend). Definitely more at ease after the meeting knowing there will be 24/7 security for the boat and that the port is not accessible to the public. Also glad to hear customs will likely only take a day to clear, something that has held up many other ocean row attempts.

Feeling a bit anxious to start growing but I am really in the best hands here with my shipping company and my Rotary host family.